1-2-1 swimming lessons

1-2-1 swimming lessons work on a ratio of one teacher to each client enabling 100% contact time between the swimmer and the teacher.

Adults will receive individual attention for the entire lesson, which helps them to build confidence with ease & ensures they improve more quickly.

1-2-1 lessons are useful for complete beginners, agoraphobics and all levels of swimmer wishing to improve their confidence, skills and technique.

The pace of the 1-2-1 lesson can be set to mimic that of the swimmer and the encouragement and clear instruction ensures the benefits of the lesson.

Swimming is a gentle and non-impact form of exercising and therefore perfect for all ages, from young children right through to well beyond retirement.

I will work on breathing, flotation, stroke technique for front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly depending on ability, as well as improving co-ordination and skill in the water. I teach all ages from 4 years old to the elderly using, correct multi stroke techniques providing children and adults with the confidence they need to overcome their fears & learn to enjoy the water in a safe way.

adult swimmer

Adult Swimming Lessons