My 1-2-1 swimming lessons mainly take place in the Grove Wellbeing Centre but lessons can also take place in the Belfast City Council Leisure Centres shown below on request.

Grove Wellbeing Centre
Address: 120 York Road, Belfast, 
BT15 3HF
Telephone: 028 9072 6363

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Avoniel Leisure Centre
Address: Avoniel Road, Belfast, 
Telephone: 028 9045 1564

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Ballysillan Leisure Centre
Address: Ballysillan Road, Belfast, 
BT14 7QP
Telephone: 028 9091 8731

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Andersonstown Leisure Centre
Address: Andersonstown Road, Belfast, 
BT11 9BY
Telephone: 028 9072 6311

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Whiterock Leisure Centre
Address: Whiterock Road, Belfast, 
BT12 5HQ
Telephone: 028 9023 3239

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* Please contact me if you wish to have your lesson in a pool that’s not on the list above, although I would like to inform you that there may be an additional charge on top of my fee for the lesson.

Parental responsibilities: Parents are responsible for their children in the changing area and must continue to take responsibility until the child steps onto the poolside. Please ensure you are at the pool on time and during lessons parents must not interrupt or communicate with the teacher, distract the pupils or approach the poolside, unless it is a matter of health and safety, as you may endanger the safety of the pupils and other pool users.

General rules:
- Children should all shower and go to the toilet before they enter the water, this helps to keep the pool clean and maximise their learning time.
- Shoes must be removed on poolside or overshoes worn and no buggies are allowed in changing rooms or on poolside. This keeps the poolside clean and safe.
- Long hair should be tied back or a swimming hat worn.
- Children should wear goggles but we reserve the right to remove them if they cause disruption of the class.
- Safety for all must be of paramount concern and we retain the right to remove anyone on, in or around the pool that gives us any concern whatsoever with regard to safety. Therefore please keep any younger children not swimming quiet and under control.
- Children must not run or act inappropriately once within the pool vicinity. We shall not be responsible for any injury/accident caused as a result of children and/or parents disobeying these rules.

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